WWDC brings Retina Display MacBook Pro, Mountain Lion, and iOS 6

Apple CEO Tim Cook and company took the stage at WWDC yesterday, and they had plenty of new things to show off including an all new, thinner MacBook pro with a Retina Display, new features in Mountain Lion, and a slew of news features in the reveal of iOS 6.

Next generation 15-inch MacBook Pro ($2199)

  • 2880 x 1800 resolution display
  • Quad-core 2.3GHz Core i7 processor
  • 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM
  • 256GB flash storage
  • Nvidia GT 650M graphics with 1GB memory
  • 2x USB 3.0, 2x Thunderbolt, HDMI

iOS 6

  • All-new custom maps with turn-by-turn navigation and 3D flyover
  • Improved and expanded Siri (coming to new iPad)
  • Facebook now built-in like Twitter
  • Passbook app to hold gift/loyalty cards, and tickets (plane, movie, etc.)
  • Facetime over cellular
  • Coming in the fall

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

  • Launches in July for $19.99
  • System-level Facebook integration
  • System and software updates while asleep with Power Nap
  • Revamped and streamlined syncing with iCloud
  • Over 200 new features

Apple also refreshed the regular MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines with Ivy Bridge processors.

These are just the big announcements and updates. For more information on Mountain Lion, both The Verge and ArsTechnica have great previews from earlier in the year.

The full WWDC 2012 keynote is available for viewing at Apple.com.

Source: Apple | Further Reading: The Verge

MacBook Pro rumored to get ultra-thin design, retina display, USB 3.0 this summer, Nvidia graphics confirmed

Rumors have been swirling for years that a new MacBook Pro is on the way that would ditch the optical drive and even an even more svelte package in the wake of the MacBook Air’s success. It looks like those rumblings are finally coming to fruition with those in the know now pointing to a summer release for an all-new notebook from Apple.

The latest information comes out of 9to5 Mac, and here’s the rundown of rumored features:

  • All-new ultra-thin design, yet not tapered like the MacBook Air
  • High resolution, retina-style display running at 2880 x 1800
  • Native USB 3.0 support thanks to Intel’s new Ivy Bridge chipset

These are the rumored features, but one confirmed component is Nvidia graphics. The Verge, corroborated by ABC News, say that the new machines will in fact use a Nvidia chipset likely based on the GeForce 650m “Kepler” architecture. A reference to specific chipset where also located by 9to5 Mac

Other small rumored tidbits include the relocation of the power button from the outskirts of the keyboard to on the keyboard itself similar to the current MacBook Air design, and the removal of the built-in ethernet port due to size constraints.

The newly redesigned MacBook Pro is rumored to hit sometime this summer, with WWDC in June acting as a well-timed stage for the announcement.

Source: 9to5 Mac – The Verge (1, 2) – ABC News

MacBook Pro retail availability suggests imminent refresh

Apple is a company that’s easy to predict in broad strokes, yet difficult to pin down in several other specific ways. One aspect of Apple’s business that contributes to the latter category is their release cycle, which seems to fluctuate based on supply, bumps in internal hardware availability, customer demand for something new, and any other number of factors. This leads to the press’s voracious appetite for any outward indicators of Apple’s tightly controlled marketing strategy, evidenced by a recent report by AppleInsider.

In short, the Apple-focused blog has scoured retailers’ websites and noticed that supplies for various models of the MacBook Pro seem to be dwindling. J&R, Best Buy, and MacConnection have all placed models either temporarily or indefinitely out of stock or “in stock soon”. Coupling that with recent rumors that the 15-inch MBP will be the first in the series to see a refresh bringing it closer in line to the MacBook Air in terms of hardware design, this confluence is likely the best indicator we’ll get about a revival of the MacBook Pro until Apple shares a press release themselves.

Source: AppleInsider

2880×1800 resolution MacBook Pro rumored for 2012

Rumors of high resolution tablets are commonplace these days, but the concept on desktop and notebook computers hasn’t captured much traction. That may be starting to change with the latest rumor about a “Retina Display” type screen heading to Apple’s notebook line.

According to Digitimes, Apple may be readying a 2880×1800 resolution MacBook Pro for next year.

Apple is likely to launch its new MacBook Pro lineup with a display resolution of 2880 by 1800 in the second quarter of 2012, setting a new round of competition for panel specifications in the notebook industry, according to sources in the upstream supply chain.

Lion high DPI support

The 2880×1800 is double that of the standard 1440×900 resolution used on current 15″ MacBook Pros.

Much like the concept of a 960×640 resolution 3.5″ screen before the iPhone 4, this seems somewhat far fetched. Upon deeper inspection, the technology to support this type of screen is either in-place, or coming soon. Lion already has support for high resolution screens with 3200×2000 desktop wallpapers, 1024×1024 pixel icons, and accurate text rendering. On the graphics chip front, Intel’s Ivy Bridge integrated graphics are set to support 4096×4096 resolution output upon release in Q2 next year.

Source: Digitimes | Via: MacRumors | Image: ArsTechnica

Apple incrementally upgrades MacBook Pro line

Apple has a reputation for big product launches, but they also have a habit of sneaking things out in their online store overnight to bring their product lines up to speed mid-cycle. The latter just took place for the MacBook Pro line, with Apple upgrading the CPUs, GPUs and HHDs in the 13″, 15″, and 17″ models.

The MacBook Pro 13″ model will now start out with a 2.4 GHz Core i5 processor in the minimum spec. The 15″ and 17″ models leapfrog, with the former picking up the latter’s previous default of 2.2 GHz Core i7 and the latter upgrading to the 2.4 GHz Core i7 CPU. In addition, the 17″ model picks up the Radeon 6770M GPU in its base model, which should be a notable upgrade over the 6750M that it had in the past. Finally, the 13″ model gets a hard drive capacity upgrade from 320GB to 500GB, in line with the 15″ model.

As you can see, most of these changes are incremental in nature; This is my next points out that they even lack an upgrade to Bluetooth 4.0, which would bring the MBP line up to speed with the MacBook Air and iPhone 4S. Instead, this serves to bring the specs of these devices more in line with similarly priced offerings from competitors, with major changes in line for the shift in cycle.

Source: Apple Store | Via: This is my next