Apple changes iPad ’4G’ branding

After plenty of international scrutiny, Apple has decided to change the branding of their LTE radio equipped 3rd-gen iPad to “iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular” rather than “iPad Wi-Fi + 4G”. The complaints were rooted in the simple fact that only carriers in the U.S. and Canada support LTE at the moment, leaving international buyers with a still valid but much slower 3G connection on their shiny new iPads. This change comes very shortly after a push to educate Australian Apple customers who sought refunds after their tablets weren’t as speedy as originally expected.

This name change has already taken place in all territories including those with LTE, with not as much as single public note from Apple about the matter.

Source: 9to5Mac

iPad 3 Review Roundup

“The new iPad” is likely the most anticipated piece of consumer electronics ever, as every iPhone and iPad preceding it seemed to be at the time. As always, this anticipation is called into question as reviews begin to roll out, as it’s hard to believe Apple can top itself every time around. Read on to get a quick feel for whether or not they managed to pull it off.

  • TechCrunch – Technology is amazing, and this new iPad is amazing. Also amazing: the only company competing with Apple right now in this particular space is Apple. [....] If you’re at all interested in LTE in an Apple product, obviously, get a new iPad. If you read a lot on your iPad, get the new iPad. If you take a lot of photos and videos (yeah you, the joker in the front row of the concert with your iPad in the air), get the new iPad. If you play a lot of games on the iPad, get the new iPad. If you don’t yet have an iPad, get the new iPad. – MG Siegler
  • The Verge (9.3/10) - Let’s be clear: the new iPad is in a class by itself, just as its predecessor was. As the latest product in a lineage of devices that defined this category, the iPad continues to stand head and shoulders above the competition. With the addition of the Retina display, LTE, more memory, and a more powerful processor, Apple has absolutely held onto the iPad’s market position as the dominant player and product to beat. – Joshua Topolsky
  • Daring Fireball - The retina display is amazing, everything in the UI feels faster, and the price points remain the same. What’s not to love? It’s that simple. – John Gruber
  • All Things D - Since it launched in 2010, the iPad has been the best tablet on the planet. With the new, third-generation model, it still holds that crown. – Walt Mossberg
  • New York Times - The new iPad doesn’t introduce anything that we haven’t seen before, either in the iPhone or in rival tablets. There’s no Steve Jobs “one more thing” moment here; Apple just took its white-hot iPad and added the latest screen, battery and cellular technologies. If you’re in the market for a tablet, here’s the bright side: For the same price as before, you can now get an updated iPad that’s still better-looking, better integrated and more consistently designed than any of its rivals. – David Pogue

Reading through these reviews, there should be little doubt that “The new iPad” is a worthy successor to the iPad 2. Between a crisp “retina” display, LTE support, and more memory, the newest version of Apple’s tablet steps it up in the specs department while seemingly offering a better UX through more than the sum of these additions.

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The new iPad announced: Starts at $499 with 2056×1536 resolution screen

iPad 3

Apple held its now annual iPad event yesterday, and the new iPad delivers on almost all of the rumors leading up to being unveiled. The new iPad– notably not called the iPad 3 –is set to be available on March 16, and it is packing some serious technology.

Here’s the big spec rundown:

  • 2056×1536 resolution “Retina” display
  • New A5X processor with dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU
  • 5 MP rear camera (same as seen on iPhone 4S)
  • 4G LTE now available in-place of 3G

Pricing of $499, $599, and $699 for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models has been retained, as has the $129 markup for mobile connectivity enabled versions. Also, the iPad 2 is sticking around in a 16GB flavor at a lowered price point of $399.

Outside of the new screen, the hardware itself is almost indistinguishable from its older counterpart. It is slightly thicker and heavier, .76mm and .1lbs more respectively, with a slightly more promised taper on the edges. Due to a new 42.5 watt hour battery, compared to the iPad 2′s 25  watt hour variety, 10 hours of battery life is retained from older models.

Apple also launched iOS 5.1 and showed off a number of apps, both new and old that take advantage of the high resolution display on the new iPad. All stock apps will get the “Retina Display” treatment, and iPhoto is now available for $4.99 on the App Store.

The Apple TV also received a hardware update that packs the A5 chip and 1080p support for the same price of $99. HD movies on iTunes are now also in 1080p.

The new iPad is now available for preorder, and the full announcement event video is on Apple’s site.

Source: Apple

iPad 3 Retina Display ‘confirmed’ by MacRumors

The Apple rumor mill is in overdrive this week, but the latest seems to be one of the most concrete reports yet on the upcoming iteration of the iPad. MacRumors has published an article that claims they’ve gotten their hands on an iPad 3 display and have tested it to the best of their ability. The above picture is a comparison of the lit pixels on an iPad 2 and this supposed iPad 3 screen (at the same magnification), which clearly shows 16 pixels in a 4×4 arrangement in the same footprint as 4 pixels in a 2×2 arrangement. Logic would follow that the length and width of the screen have thus doubled, which corroborates previous rumors of a 2048×1536 display.

While there’s no guarantee that the tested display is in fact produced for an iPad 3, sound measurements and photographic evidence seem much more solid than reports from “anonymous tipsters”.

Source: MacRumors

8-inch iPad reported as in testing, iPad 3 rumor round-up

As we enter the second half of February the regular window for iPad launches quickly approaches, and the rumor mill is as busy as ever. While iPad 3 details have been floating around for a while, the latest iPad-related report points to an all-new tablet coming out of Cupertino.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is not only planning an 8-inch version of the iPad, but that it is already in testing. The shrunken form factor is said to utilize a display with a similar resolution to the current iPad at 1024 x 768. The introduction of a smaller iPad utilizing the same screen resolution as the current iPad would allow a seamless transition for app developers, and help Apple compete with recent entries in the low price tablet market like the $199 Kindle Fire.

This report comes on the heels of increasing certainty that the next mainline iPad will feature a 4x resolution screen coming in at 2048 x 1536. This resolution would allow current apps to run in 2x mode, and would allow apps to work across devices similar to transition seen from the iPhone 3GS’s 480 x 320 resolution screen to the iPhone 4′s 960 x 640 display.

Speculation is still rampant about what Apple’s next iPad offering wil be, but current rumors peg an announcement event for March 7.

Source: Wall Street Journal | Image: MacRumors | Further reading: The Verge

iPad 3 rumored for March with high-rez screen, LTE, and Quad-core processor

CES 2012 is officially over with an onslaught of ultrabooks, Android tablets, and TVs. This can mean only one thing, it’s time for another round of Apple rumors.

Bloomberg, citing three people “familiar with the product,” reports that production on the iPad 3 has begun and will ramp-up to full capacity next month in order to ready for a March launch. Other details include word that the new iPad will feature an HD screen, a quad-core processor, and 4G LTE connectivity. MacRumors points out that this information is almost identical to that reported by Japanese blog Macotakara earlier in the week.

As to why the iPad will receive marquee features like LTE and an A6 chip before the iPhone, Bloomberg says that the tablet form factor allows for easier implementation of power-hungry features. On-screen images are said to resemble printed materials due to the increased pixel density, and instantaneous video playback is touted as possible due to increased graphical horsepower of the new quad-core processor.

Other recent rumors unrelated to this report point to the iPad 3 possibly being slightly thicker than the current iteration.

Source: Bloomberg | Via: MacRumors

7.65″ iPad rumored to hit early next year

We try not to be too prone to rumors here, but DigiTimes seems to be on a roll with big Apple secrets. The latest is yet another claim that Apple is preparing a 7.65″ iPad for the end of first quarter 2012. This initiative would be leveled against new pressures in the market from Amazon with the Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble with the Nook Tablet, both of which plan to cut the legs out from Apple on the lower end of the market. DigiTimes’s sources note that Apple was ordering their displays from LG Display, which helped set the timeline at early 2012.

This rumor has seemed to persist since October, when the first rumblings of supply chain leaks shed light on this device. Presumably, it would adopt the current resolution of the iPad 2 while the similarly rumored iPad 3 would quadruple the number of pixels on the screen, effectively allowing developers to scale their apps quite easily.

Source: Digitimes

Samsung rumored to try and beat Apple to market with high-res tablet

It’s no secret that Apple is working on bringing 2048×1536 resolution version of the iPad to market. This rumors have been swirling since before the launch of the iPad earlier this year, but it seems like a lock for the iPad 3 early next year.

One of the latest rumors in the space suggests that Samsung may be looking to beat Apple to market with its own high resolution tablet. The rumor pegs Samsung’s offering at 2560×1600, a comparable pixel density of 260 dots per inch compared to a high-res iPad 3′s 263 dpi due to screen size discrepancies (11.6 inches vs. 97 inches respectively). This could be possible as Samsung has been a supplier of many of Apple’s screens over the years.

The Boy Genius Report reads as follows:

Even though the tablet features a larger display than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, we’re told that the tablet is “barely larger” due to the fact the slate will have a thinner bezel with a whopping 2560 x 1600 resolution, 11.6-inch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

Samsung has previously produced a small screen at this resolution in May, but it used the poorly regarded PenTile screen technology. Latest rumors say Apple will likely launch its “Retina Display” iPad 3 in March or April, but could release at as early as February 2012.

Source: Boy Genius Report | Via: MacRumors

Wall Street Journal pegs Retina Display-equiipped iPad for early 2012

It’s Apple rumor time again. iPad 3 rumors have been swirling since early Spring that Apple intended to launch the iPad 3 late this year. Those rumblings died down over the summer, but returned in force last week with several reports that Apple’s suppliers were unable to scale production on the purported 2048 x 1536 resolution screen set for use in the next iteration.

The latest word out of the Wall Street Journal is that Apple is now planning on an early 2012 launch for its double-resolution iPad 3. The report states that Apple has already ordered 1.5 million units for production in Q4 2011, with a ramp in output in early 2012 as an acceptable hardware yield rate is achieved. The WSJ attributes this information to “people familiar with the situation,” the ridiculous, yet almost de-facto source among tech blogs in recent years.

While these kinds of rumors are all too common, especially when it come to Apple, the Wall Street Journal has a long pedigree of reporting accurate information. It is widely believed that Apple uses the WSJ to perform controlled leaks of information regarding their future products. Regardless of how the WSJ gets their information, their track record elevates this rumor beyond the standard blogosphere fare.

Source: Wall Street Journal