Fortnite Update 3.6 News – Reaction (Ninja, TSM Myth)

EPIC games just announced the patch notes for the new Fortnite Update. It mentions a new Clinger grenade which will be added to to the game.

What is Clinger Grenade?

new fortnite granadeFrom what we know, it is a new type of grenade is supposed to stick on enemies and explode shortly after. The item will be launched as a rare item which will only be discoverable in supply drops and chests.

Most players play the battle royale mode, but actually, there is also another mode in Fortnite which is quite unpopular, it is called Save the world. The clinger grenade will be available in both modes.

You can also stick it on any walls and traps; It will detonate instantly if the wall it on it destroyed; This allows for a very sneaky play style.

A downside of Clinger Grenade is that you cannot upload it in mid-air, It is necessary for it to hit a surface to start the timer. It is still had to say how it’s going to change the Fortnite world but every new weapon/accessory released in the same drastically changes the playstyle, We have to wait and to watch Ninja pull off some cool elimination with it.

Twitch Prime Option Removed From Fortnite?

new skins in fortnite 3.6 Twitch primeEpic games have decided to get rid of the Twitch account linking button from the game. The reason is yet unsaid, but from some leaked resources we can say It was due to some scalability issue. The option will still be available on the Epic games website, and you can link your Twitch account there. Linking the account has several benefits including some free aesthetics.

Audio Bug FIX, Finally!!

If you weren’t aware, There have been several Audio bugs with a Fortnite, and this new update seems to address them. While playing Fortnite headphones would create very irritating noise, The reason for this noise is still unclear, but it is one annoying Bug which has been in the game since forever.

Other Changes and Bug Fixes

If you have been playing Fortnite for a long time, You would know about the bug where the game doesn’t let you build walls in concrete corners, and it’s sometimes very annoying. Most players accepted it as a fact and moved on with it, Seems like it was a bug and that’s not supposed to happen. This building bug is being fixed in this Patch, and now you will be able to get yourself into some nice sniping spots.

Floating Traps

It’s been in the game for such a long time; I thought EpicGames would fix it way before. If you don’t know about this, Basically if you build a trap on the wall and the wall is destroyed, later on, It leads to a floating trap. This doesn’t give any competitive advantage; It makes the trap completely functional. It’s more like a visual bug than a physical one, but still, it should have been fixed earlier but better later than never.

That is all for the 3.6 update, There are few more changes that will be added to the game, but this is all we know for now.

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