Foursquare gets a redesign

If you thought the social gamefication aspects of Foursquare weren’t for you, the app’s latest redesign adds quite a bit more substance that pushes it firmly into the recommendations space. While Foursquare on Android and iOS has got a complete visual overhaul, the new features are what make it shine. Explore takes a number of different factors not limited to time of day, whether or not you’re close to home, what day of the week it is, and what your friends like to recommend the best restaurant for you at that exact moment. The Friends tab also steps up the social network aspect of Foursquare, adding big photos and friends’ recommendations in a Facebook or Instagram-like news feed.

If you haven’t checked out Foursquare yet, now seems to be a great time to jump in. Check out the source links below to download it.

Source: Foursquare blog, Google Play, iTunes

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