ASUS Computex Keynote released to the public

Nobody would blame you for closely following gaming’s E3 conference over the Taiwan-based Computex consumer electronics conference. If you haven’t paid the latter much attention, ASUS’s recently released keynote does a great job of providing a vertical slice of what Computex had to offer this year – namely cloud computing services, Windows 8 devices, Windows RT devices, and convertible devices that take advantage of multiple form factors.

All of that is more or less encompassed in the above keynote, as Asustek is an industry leader in all of those fields. Their previously Android-exclusive Transfomer tablets have made the jump to Windows 8 through both all-in-one PCs and more conventional tablets with a laptop dock. They’ve also introduced a very interesting device called the Taichi which puts a touchscreen display on the outside of what would otherwise be considered an ultrabook.

If for no other reason, ASUS’s keynote is well worth your time due to chairman Jonney Shih’s overabundance of enthusiasm and passion for the products his company makes.

Via: Engadget

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