Next-gen Pixel Qi screen to be ultra high resolution, ‘better than iPad 3 display’

Next generation Pixel Qi display

Pixel Qi display technology has been demonstrated and talked about for years, but it has yet to make it to the market in any meaningful capacity. While this trend doesn’t look to be changing in the short-term, the technology continues to mature, and if Pixel Qi is to be believed, it is more than on par with the current best screens on the market.

The next generation Pixel Qi display is said to offer the same 2048×1536 display on the new iPad, and the company goes on to say that the technology can “match or exceed the image quality of the screen in the iPad 3.” All of this is said to be possible while drawing up to 100 times less power than the new iPad 8Watt power draw.

Pixel Qi says it is now in the process of finalizing partners for use of this next generation technology. The company also included a graph that pits the power use of its E-Ink-esque technology against that of traditional displays.

Source: Pixel Qi

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