Jolicloud reinvents itself again with Jolicloud Me

Jolicloud originally launched as a cloud-based OS for the now all-but defunct netbook platform. The software has changed names once already, and now it is introducing a new offering with Jolicloud Me.

Jolicloud Me aims to be an organizer for all things personal on the web. Rather than trying to be a full OS, Jolicloud Me looks to aggregate users’ personal interests and shared media, and make them “easily searchable and accessible from anywhere.” The platform is as service-agnostic as possible, with shares, likes, and linked content being pulled in from other social services.

The full suite of Jolicloud offerings now includes Joli OS, Jolicloud Desktop, and Jolicloud Me, with each catering to different levels of commitment to Jolicloud as computing environments. Jolicloud Me is currently in beta and is available for iOS, Android, and directly on the web. For those who utilize a lot of different services for different types of sharing on the web, Jolicloud Me may serve as a nice way to see an aggregate of social behavior and shared content.

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