Google Play replaces Android Market, unifies content offerings

Yesterday Google announced a big shift in marketing strategy for all of their content offerings – the Android Market is to be rebranded “Google Play”. Considering the Market has grown in scope over the past couple years to encompass more than just apps, Google feels that a more broad branding scheme can better funnel people into their music, video, app, and book offerings.

Along with the rebranding comes a new opportunity for communicating the strengths of Google’s services, namely that much of the content one can buy is stored in the cloud and thus can be accessed on an Android tablet, Android phone, or computer. After renting a movie, one can start watching it on their PC and finish watching on the train via their smartphone. When a user purchases music from Google, it’s delivered to the cloud to be made available on all devices immediately. In the above video, Google also touts the ability to sync progress in a book from device to device.

The "Play" branding will extend to all Android entertainment apps

While Google doesn’t seem to be offering anything particularly new, this latest move suggests that they are adopting a greater strategy of multiplatform support. Distancing their services from the “Android” branding may do a lot to signal this change, especially with growing footprint of Google TV in the coming months. Check out Google Play’s YouTube channel to get a better idea of what Google’s trying to communicate with this new messaging.

Source: Google | Further Reading/Image: Marketing Land

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