I’m Circle concept dreams of dumb terminals, blue skies

The concept of dumb terminals is not new. They were heralded by some as the next big thing in the ’80s, and cloud computing has brought the idea back to the forefront, and I’m Circle is taking this concept to the extreme.

This concept comes from Italy-based I’m Circle, the people behind the I’m Watch, and it looks to be the brains of phones, tablets, media players, PCs and more in one box called the I’m Core. Dubbed “the first wireless, multi-device, single processor system,” I’m Circle looks to creative a digital ecosystem that interacts with a myriad of wireless devices to create a cohesive, integrated experience however data is accessed.

The arguent here is that “75 % of the functions of the devices you use, every day, are identical and overlapping,” and that may not be far off. Vagaries and logistics aside, this is an interesting concept. As mobile processors become more powerful, running all devices off of the same “core” makes sense, especially when considering that only one device is likely be accessed at once.

I’m Circle details four different devices on its site, the I’m Core (the CPU device), I’m Screen (smartphone), I’m View (tablet), I’m Vision (monitor), and I’m Cinema (set-top box and charger).

The I’m Circle family is slated as coming in late 2012. Ah, aren’t those blue skies pretty.

Source: I’m Circle | Via: The Verge

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