Motorola promises Intel-powered devices starting in the second half of 2012

Intel’s entries into the mobile computing space have seen very little adoption and even less excitement in year’s past. Their latest mobile chipset codenamed ‘Medfield’ is supposed to break that trend, which is all the more likely now that Motorola has announced at CES that they’ll actually be producing devices using the chipset later this year. While there are no promises of exclusivity or huge marketing pushes, this news is better for Intel than the meager announcement of a Lenovo phone packing Medfield to be released in China.

Don’t get too hyped up, however, as the benchmarks that leaked late last year suggest that these products may not be truly competitive. With a release window of late 2012, manufacturers of ARM processors (Qualcomm, TI, Nvidia) will surely be yet another generation ahead – essentially meaning that Intel’s lacking power consumption figures and comparable performance to last year’s Cortex A9-based chips could boil down to significantly underperforming phones.

Keep an eye out later this year for more developing news on Motorola’s partnership with Intel.

Source: Intel | Via/Image: The Verge

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