7.65″ iPad rumored to hit early next year

We try not to be too prone to rumors here, but DigiTimes seems to be on a roll with big Apple secrets. The latest is yet another claim that Apple is preparing a 7.65″ iPad for the end of first quarter 2012. This initiative would be leveled against new pressures in the market from Amazon with the Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble with the Nook Tablet, both of which plan to cut the legs out from Apple on the lower end of the market. DigiTimes’s sources note that Apple was ordering their displays from LG Display, which helped set the timeline at early 2012.

This rumor has seemed to persist since October, when the first rumblings of supply chain leaks shed light on this device. Presumably, it would adopt the current resolution of the iPad 2 while the similarly rumored iPad 3 would quadruple the number of pixels on the screen, effectively allowing developers to scale their apps quite easily.

Source: Digitimes

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