2880×1800 resolution MacBook Pro rumored for 2012

Rumors of high resolution tablets are commonplace these days, but the concept on desktop and notebook computers hasn’t captured much traction. That may be starting to change with the latest rumor about a “Retina Display” type screen heading to Apple’s notebook line.

According to Digitimes, Apple may be readying a 2880×1800 resolution MacBook Pro for next year.

Apple is likely to launch its new MacBook Pro lineup with a display resolution of 2880 by 1800 in the second quarter of 2012, setting a new round of competition for panel specifications in the notebook industry, according to sources in the upstream supply chain.

Lion high DPI support

The 2880×1800 is double that of the standard 1440×900 resolution used on current 15″ MacBook Pros.

Much like the concept of a 960×640 resolution 3.5″ screen before the iPhone 4, this seems somewhat far fetched. Upon deeper inspection, the technology to support this type of screen is either in-place, or coming soon. Lion already has support for high resolution screens with 3200×2000 desktop wallpapers, 1024×1024 pixel icons, and accurate text rendering. On the graphics chip front, Intel’s Ivy Bridge integrated graphics are set to support 4096×4096 resolution output upon release in Q2 next year.

Source: Digitimes | Via: MacRumors | Image: ArsTechnica

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