Dish Network proposes T-Mobile partnership if AT&T merger fails

Dish Network has made some major moves in an increasingly progressive video content market with their Blockbuster-based streaming/mail service and their exclusivity on certain Fox television shows on Hulu for 8 days after airing. Clearly they have some greater ambitions, as CEO Joseph Clayton recently shared an interest in T-Mobile with Bloomburg. Apparently, they have interest in partnering up with the number four wireless carrier if their deal with AT&T falls through, which could allow them to share spectrum (Dish has some stockpiled which could be used for LTE or more HSPA+) and customers (with TV + Phone bundles).

This is in no way a formal offer, evidenced by the fact that Clayton suggested that they could even go with a company like Sprint/Clearwire or pick up divested spectrum if the AT&T/T-Mobile merger does go through. Either way, Dish Network has plenty of room to grow and seem to be taking a page out of Verizon’s playbook in cross-media investment.

Source: Bloomberg

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