Google revamps search app for iPad

Google has been on a serious roll with the speed at which it is managing to roll out its revamped apps and services. Almost all of the big ticket offerings have seen an aesthetic update at this point, but there are a few key components still left.

iOS has healthy number of Google official apps, with the recent launch of the Gmail app being among the most robust. The Google search app for iPad has been around for a long time, be it has been a pretty anemic offering–until this update.

This Google Search for iPad revamp is much more than a simple update. It is probably safe to call it a complete relaunch. The new app offers a lot of custom functionality that the search giant calls more interactive and visual. The search pertains to regular web results, and is integrated with most of the medium-based specifications like images, calendars, docs, Google+, YouTube and more.

Google has also made it easier to search history with a more tablet friendly interface that minimizes need for virtual keyboard use. All of this, and the requisite Google+ integration is now implemented. The new Google Search app is now available for the iPad in the App Store.

Source: Google Mobile blogApp Store

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