‘Robust’ USB 3.0 support built into Windows 8

President of Microsoft’s Windows Division, Steven Sinofsky, makes his second appearance this week with some more good news for future Windows 8 users. Sinofsky again hit the MSDN blog to share a bunch of details regarding Windows 8′s robust USB 3.0 support.

USB 3.0 is a significant leap over USB 2.0 in both feature set and raw speed. The theoretical max throughput of USB 3.0 sits 10x higher than 2.0 at 5Gbps. The new spec also delivers 80% more power to connected devices. Harnessing the new speed and feature set is important to the Windows team, but Sinofsky says that the most important feature and reliability:

Perhaps the most important aspect of USB 3.0 is the expectation that customers have of USB: it’s just USB3 so it should just work, right? Each and every USB device, low, full, high, and SuperSpeed, has to work in Windows 8. That’s our focus while also delivering the most robust and reliable USB stack.

Check out a video of USB 3.0 transfer speeds under Windows 8 below. Sinfosky also promises that the an updated, and modern file transfer dialog is also on the way.

Update: Mere hours later another post has hit MSDN detailing the new file transfer dialog with images and video in-tow. Check out the new-ness below and hit the post for more info.

Source: MSDN | Via: Engadget

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